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Who We Are

Welcome to A THOUSAND WATTS, where we help your brand to shine bright.


Here we develop unique and creative communications solutions designed to help organisations shift their marketing and communications into high gear. Whether your brand needs a full service communications campaign, is looking to create powerful content that tells your story, or wants to utilize the digital revolution to grow your presence and showcase who you are, you can benefit from any combination of our innovative communications services.


Our solutions are tailored to empower both small and large organisations, and we have served firms from within diverse sectors such as health, leadership & training, religious and faith-based, human rights, media & the arts, fintechs and start-ups, and everything in between.


We fill our ranks with experts from a wide variety of backgrounds, from communication strategists and techies, to digital marketers and visual story-tellers. They do the work.

what we can do for you

Discover our services, and in what unique way we can serve you and your brand

Communication Strategy

At the heart of our offerings is our flagship product - helping brands identify their communication challenges and creating strong communication strategy and messaging

Integrated Communication Campaigns

To increase visibility, tell your story, or grow your bottom line, start running effective and persuasive communication campaigns through a variety or marketing channels

Content Strategy & Creation

Develop the right content marketing strategy and create stunning and persuasive content, both written and video, that transforms your ideas into strong and appealing resonant stories

Publications & Copy-Writing

Get your copy right, whether it is for online platforms or audio-visual content, and create stunning publications that tell your story.

Branding & Print

Get your brand represented right through high quality and compelling print work. Whether high quality imagery & print work, or custom-printed merchandise.

Web & Graphic Design

We deliver stunning and high quality design, whether it be for two-dimensional graphical outputs, or for web & digital interfaces.



About Us

A Thousand Watts is a unique communications consultancy. We cultivate smart ideas for start-ups and seasoned players.


Communications Strategy

We will help you identify your communications gaps and create the strategy to help you close them


Communications Campaign

With the right strategy, your organisation is able to determine the right campaign to help you achieve your goals.


Campaign Execution

From web and digital, to content creation, copywriting and branding, we'll execute a tailor-made communications campaign to help you thrive.

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